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Welcome To GallstonesSuppliers.

GallstonesSuppliers, supply seahorses . Our goal has always been to supply seahorses to the traditional Chinese medicine trade, pharmacies and individual companies that need our products to produce drugs that enhance life threatening diseases as well as to individuals in order to reduce the pressure of that market on wild populations. GallstonesSuppliers has achieved decades of successful seahorse breeding. GallstonesSupplierS also supplies, Dry Ox cow gallstones, dry fish maw, dry swallow bird nest, dry cuttlefish bones, dry abalone, dried Gecko on a regular bases.
Cow We now the leading exporter of quality dried seahorse from Europe with an export capacity of 3200 kg per month. If you want to establish seahorse business, contact us as your top supplier and exporters of dried seahorse. Most of quality dried seahorse supplies come from Australia; We ship our dried seahorse with CITES Permit and all legal documents involved. We ship to United States of America, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore and various Southeast Asian countries.